Frozen Products

 We understand the business needs for fast, tasty and low-cost choices.
For that reason, we’ve created a rich range of frozen products aiming to assist chefs, satisfy your customers, and increase the profitability of your business.
In our range you will find a rich variety of sauces and dressings that meet the needs of all dining areas and occasions.


Pork Gyros Golden 20kg -130 Kg
Pork Gyros Special 7-200kg
Pork Gyros Classic 7-80kg
Pork Gyros Traditional 7-40kg
Chicken Gyros Extra No2 7-100kg
Donner Gyros Lamp – Beef 7-15kg


Pork Souvlaki neck flat fresh 80/100g
Pork Souvlaki Hand made Neck 100g
Pork Souvlaki  Traditional 80/100g
Steak Souvlaki 100g
Pork Souvlaki Hand made 100g
Chicken Souvlaki leg 80/100g
Chicken Souvlaki leg Hand made 100/120g
Chicken Souvlaki with bacon 100g
Chicken Souvlaki Country style Marinated 100g
Lamb Souvlaki w. pepper marinated 80/100g
Angus Beef Souvlaki – Steak Souvlaki 95g


Homemade recipe  110-125g
Hamburger oval   80g
Bifteki handmade  55-60g 100% beef
Grilled chicken bifteki 45-50g
Nostimost bifteki mediterranean 1kg
Vegetable bifteki 100g 1.5kg


Politiko catering 80g 100% beef
Grilled politiko 80/100g 1kg
Monastiraki style Nostimost 125g 1kg


Chicken Burger  110/140g 1kg
Beef Burger premium 140g – 1kg
Angus Beef Burger 25g – 1kg

Stuffed Bifteki (for pita)

Bifteki stuffed with Feta Cheese and Dried Tomatoes 100g 1kg
Bifteki stuffed Philadelfia  100g 1kg

Breaded products

Breaded chicken nuggets from selected tender chicken breast handmade 1,5kg
Chicken fillet nuggets Chick N Pops 1kg
Chicken nuggets (paste) baked 20-22g
Breaded chicken fillet from selected tender chicken breast 70-80g Handmade 1,5kg
Bifteki chicken burger 120g 1,5kg
Breaded vegetable bifteki  100g Burger white 1,5kg
Breaded vegetable stick   90g
Breaded vegetable meatball 25g 1,5kg


Breaded Cheeseballs 18-22g 1kg
Breaded Tomatoballs 30g 1kg
Breaded Zucchiniballs  30g 1kg
Falafel Breaded Chickpeasballs 25g 1,5kg
Breaded Onion rings)  1kg
Traditional meatballs  24g 1,5kg
Κροκέτα κοτόπουλο με πιπεριά 1kg
Eggplantballs 18-22g 1kg

Precooked products

Grilled Chicken Bifteki 45-50g 
Grilled Chicken meatballs 1,5kg
Chicken fillet strips 1kg
Pork strips 1kg
Chicken fillets 30/40g 1kg
Pork Gyros (grilled sliced) 800g
Chicken Gyros (grilled sliced) 800g
Beef Gyros (grilled sliced) 800g
Angus Beef Burger 100g 1kg
Hamburger Classic 70-75g 1kg
Mediterranean Bifteki 80/100/120/140 1kg